Our Chapter

2023-2024 Officers

President* - Jane Samford

Vice President, Membership - Judy Kline

Vice President, Chapter Musicales [Program]^ - Vicky Suarez

Vice President, Special Projects - Stacy Redding

Vice President, Ritual/Fraternity Education - Alana Dombrosky

Secretary [Recording] - Jess Borne

Treasurer - Missy Lofton

Editor/Historian - Kamelah Hampton

Parliamentarian [Sergeant-at-Arms] - Marilyn Rogers

*The president also assumes the responsibilities of corresponding secretary as described by the national organization

^Titles listed in brackets are those prescribed by the national organization for a similar function.

2023-2024 Standing Committee Chairs

Bylaws - Stacy Redding

Chapter Giving - Judy Dobbins

Chapter Outreach - Stacy Redding

Courtesy - Jane Aten

Directory/Yearbook - Sienna Priddy

Distinguished Membership/Patroness - Zahmaria Choice

Honors - Rosalind Cratsley and Marilyn Rogers

Online Services - Alana Dombrosky and Kathy Kuddes

Song Leader - Judy Kline and Marla Quimby

To contact any of the above, send an email to the chapter address.

The Dallas Alumnae Chapter currently has 53 members, including Active Members, Associate Members, and Patronesses.

Meetings are held monthly at the homes of some of our members. For information about dates and locations, see the "Events" page or contact us at the chapter address.

Chapter History

The Dallas Alumnae Chapter was installed on November 15, 1943. For more information on the chapter's history and its activities, visit the Chapter History page.

Chapter Awards

The Dallas Alumnae Chapter has received numerous awards for its activities and service. For more information on the awards given, visit the Chapter Awards page.

Young Artists Concerts

For 35 years, the Dallas Alumnae Chapter sponsored an annual performance featuring young musicians who had won a variety of local awards. For more information on this concert series, visit the Young Artists Concerts page.